About Us

Our Story

Wanganda Construction Limited ,registered in September ,2023 , is a Zambian construction company which aims to provide exellent construction services to all Zambians home owners and those who are building or intending to build their houses .
As a Zambian home owner or homebuilder, we connect you to skilled and tested construction servicemen such as builders, plumbers, Electricians, Gardeners & landscappers ,Carpenters and many more.We also purchase all construction materials on your behalf and deliver them to your site .

What We Offer

Welcome to our world of tried ,tested and high quality construction services .Supply of construction materials, Building, plumbing,Electrical ,Architecure,Tiling repairs & maintenace are among the many services that we have for you .

Project management

Do you need someone to manage your building project or site while you attend to other busy schedules ? We have highly specialised project managers

Industrial Construction

Road construction, Industrial painting , Construction of schools & Hospitals, Construction of shopping malls and many more

Supply of building materials

If you are busy to purchase materials ,we can purchase all kinds of construction materials on your behalf and deliver to your site

We Supply Bulding Materials

Unable to purchase materials due to your busy schedules ?

We purchase all the needed materials on your behalf and deliver to your site .

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